Period Underwear: Bleeding Confidently in 2022

February 23, 2022

Anne Blodgett is a former journalist turned photographer based in Southern Oregon. After 10 years of shooting everything from weddings to portraits to interiors, she now exclusively shoots boudoir. Recently Anne has gained traction on Instagram as an influencer, helping women love their bodies and fearlessly chase the life they want through raw conversations and funny, relatable reels.

Through my one-of-a-kind events, women from all over the world can gather to celebrate femininity in all its forms. As we embrace every shade, size, and story, we’ll learn about each other…and rediscover a spark within ourselves. And don’t worry if you’re not a boudoir regular or if you’d rather not bare it all. Come as you are, and we’ll build your custom session and your confidence as we go!

the girlfriends' getaway

Whether you want to book a bachelorette bash or a soft, solo sesh, my private sessions and parties are the place to begin! Together, we’ll craft an experience to suit your vision, and I’ll coach you through every step of the way. And don’t panic if you’re not a local, because if there’s one thing my friends know about me, it’s that I’m ALWAYS down to travel!

private boudoir sessions and parties

Oh, hey there, fellow camera-clicker! I promise I haven’t forgotten about you! Whether you’re a photographer of a different style looking to dip your toes into the boudoir pool for the first time, or you’re a boudoir pro who wants to elevate your experience, I’d love to give you a hand. Let’s dig deep on finding ideal clients, helping them thrive in front of your lens, planning photography events, or something else entirely. Let’s discover your goals and work together to help you achieve them!

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